Northern Rally 23-25th May 2014 New Date!

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Re: Northern Rally 23-25th May 2014 New Date!

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Thanks Leo - so sorry to have missed the day, rain notwithstanding. Very nice 16v you have there - still think my 'take home' of that little lot would be the CX though, I have a real soft spot for the Delage Rouge.
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Re: Northern Rally 23-25th May 2014 New Date!

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Yep sorry I didn't make, but I spent the weekend under a Visa (again!) Loved that CX aswell, but that AX GT in the red and black looked great!
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Re: Northern Rally 23-25th May 2014 New Date!

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Tim Leech wrote:Basically Alan, he sold some BX parts on eBay, took payment, then disappeared and didnt post them out or respond to peoples collection request (myself included) also some of the cars he has sold on have been not as good as they looked up top.

Shifty bloke!
Then again perhaps I am not liking him. Ebay arseholes are a hex we can do without. They live on the expectation you are not going to turn up on the doorstep for a responsible answer to being mucked about. A guy thought that selling fake Subaru spare parts discs from Luton. Several hairy off roaders changed his mind, and his physical attractiveness by all acounts, for his trouble. So the web is not a defence to a determined and upset person.

Its far easier to make enemies and upset folk, but much more rewarding to rub along together. So I get the remark as this forum seems pretty hoopie with few tiffs. Good stuff.
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Re: Northern Rally 23-25th May 2014 New Date!

Post by Tim Leech »

Needless to say I wont be buying anything off him again, I imagine if you drove the 100 plus miles to pick the parts up you would come back empty handed.
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