Kitch in practical classics

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Re: Kitch in practical classics

Post by Kitch »

Ahh....that's why they wanted the copy so urgently a couple of weeks ago :lol:

That's pretty cool. I'll have to write the next bit now. It's going to be spread over 4-5 pieces and take us up to today (where I found more, ahem, structural rot :oops: )

Danny Hopkins seemed keen to get a BX in there, which was pretty cool. Was at the resto show yesterday - I probably could have got a copy! Bugger :lol:
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Re: Kitch in practical classics

Post by hilarystone »

Was at the resto show yesterday - I probably could have got a copy! Bugger
They should send you at least one free copy if you are a contributor – just ask them…
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Re: Kitch in practical classics

Post by Paul296 »

I've just managed to have a read of it. Infact, it's a bumper issue for Citroen lovers with, as well as Kitch's worthy contribution, an article on a CX GTi Turbo 2 resto, and then there's one 'Ian Seabrook' assessing the COTY worthiness of the Citroen XM. In one picture, the aforementioned Mr Seabrook is referred to as 'eccentricity with elegance' - although, they might have meant the car? :D
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Re: Kitch in practical classics

Post by Dollywobbler »

I haven't actually seen the piece myself yet! But eccentricity with elegance sounds about right. ;)

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Re: Kitch in practical classics

Post by Mike P »

Picked my copy up yesterday, nice to see the Bx getting a bit more coverage.

Mike P
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Re: Kitch in practical classics

Post by citsncycles »

Picked my copy up over the weekend - yay, ongoing BX coverage!
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