Help, crank no start 16v

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Re: Help, crank no start 16v

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patersom10 wrote:So having not sold my 16v, I have been tinkering with it.

Joy ! Managed to get it started today, unfortunately it then decided after 1 min of running to dump all its oil and coolant.

Have found the source of the coolant dump (cracked hose behind block)

However the oil is a bit strange, the oil filler cap blew off causing the car to be decorated a lovely light brown colour. I presume it's high pressure.

Any ideas ?
Hi. Sorry i'm not much of a mechanic, but i'd suspect the head gasket will be the problem, can't think of anything else that could cause that much pressure to blow the oil filler cap off. I know you fitted a new one, but was it the correct one for a 16v (i don't know if they are different). I would do a compression test. That should give you the answer.