bx 16v exhaust not available

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bx 16v exhaust not available

Post by greendale65 »

Hello all, I'm stuck where do I get the exhaust system for my
bx 16v tried them all around here its not available
what now , any you guys come up with answer.
I live in west sussex.
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PS. Would I be right in thinking the down pipe
has a splitter at the top if its not there the car
does not run correct please tell me.
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Re: bx 16v exhaust not available

Post by JayW »

The lack of the 2/1 front pipe does drop a little power but it won't affect the running. The rest of the systm is the same as the turbo diesel. The original tailpiped box hasn't been available for years.
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Re: bx 16v exhaust not available

Post by mds141 »

I just had a stainless steel system fabricated. £300 all in.
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Re: bx 16v exhaust not available

Post by Mike E (uk) »

I discovered that the 8V GTI exhaust downpipe has a different bend in it to the 16V device.
The rest of the systems are the same, save the tail pipe trim. (except on early 16Vs where they did not have the shiny trim)

The 16V downpipe pipe is too low on an 8V car. I have not tried it the other way around, so may-be it won't fit at all.

Instead of replacing the downpipe, you probably can weld a new baffle in place. The main pipe seems to last forever.
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