mixed wheel widths

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mixed wheel widths

Post by themildbunch »

Due to some nasty potholes and the lack of cheap or any Speedlines at the moment, I'm contemplating using my two good 5.5J wheels on the rear of my estate and two good 6J's on the front. 6J wheels don't fit very well on the rear of the estates.

I have a set of new 185 x 60's so the tyres are all the same circumference and diameter the only change would be a slight stretch on the front. Is this legal / a good idea?
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Re: mixed wheel widths

Post by Way2go »

I would of thought this is OK providing they are kept as pairs front and back (just in case the hub symmetry is different on the car about the mid point of the 185's).

After all, the coefficient of friction (or slip) will be the same when cornering vigorously so should be a world better than those recent odd tyres at each corner that several posters on here thought perfectly acceptable to use.
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Re: mixed wheel widths

Post by David »

On older cars such as the BX I can't see it causing a problem.

I did it on a Fiat I had over winter once when I had snow tyres & bigger wheels on the front.

As already said just do it in axle pairs.

On newer ones it might upset the abs or other electronic junk (sorry esp, traction control, magic cornering protocol etc :lol: )
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Re: mixed wheel widths

Post by JayW »

As far as legal goes, C&U doesn't state required tyre/rim widths. So, yes it's legal providing each axle carries the same size.
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