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Getting it up

Post by classicnut5 »

Hi, another problem from the technical eejut. When I start up my BX, aside from the previous issues the same 2 lights, STOP and hydraulic warning lights stay on until the car starts to rise when they go off. When the car rises it does so in jerky movements at the front and when this has happened the rear comes up smoothly. Is this a problem? I know I have a leak on the front drivers side strut which I have been trying to solve by buying one but Chevronics are the only one who have one and it costs £75 plus VAT plus postage. So quite dear I thought???

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Re: Getting it up

Post by Way2go »

If you have a leak in the HP system then those lights will be on until the security valve & other sensors report there is sufficient pressure in the system.

You are taking a big risk to knowingly run a BX with a leaky strut because they can let go BIG TIME and you will not have the power steering, suspension or ultimately brakes to get the car home under it's own power. I know because it happened to me and I had to do a strut change by the roadside!

If that's a recon strut for £75, I can't see why you should think it's expensive and it could prove much more expensive not to do it.
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Re: Getting it up

Post by Tinkley »

Are you sure the leak is not the strut return pipe? More common fault by far than a strut and much cheaper to fix. The stiffness of the strut rise could also be air in the system, I take it, that the correct bleed procedure has been carried out and that the LHM is reltively fresh (change every 35k).
I've done 250k + in 3 BX and not had a strut go yet, but many a return pipe. Grrrr to GSF ones which are not worth even looking at, if it is a return, buy the genuine Citroen one(s).

Also how old are the spheres? How many miles? They should be changed about every 4-5 yrs at between 40 to 75k for best performance.

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Re: Getting it up

Post by Thread Bear »

Way2go wrote:If that's a recon strut for £75, I can't see why you should think it's expensive and it could prove much more expensive not to do it.
I would think most of that is labour for the guy doing the rebuilding. Probably knows exactly what he is doing but it is not a quick task.
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Re: Getting it up

Post by rutter123 »

I have a very good pair of front struts with good return pipes, no leaks or creaks, should you need 1. From a 92 tgd low miles.
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