40k BX for Sale

Advertise your car for sale here. No parts or eBay spots in here please.
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Re: 40k BX for Sale

Post by Paul296 »

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1992-Citroen- ... 1e90cbde38

Now on eBay - looks lovely. No mention of PAS in the ad, which is a bit of a drawback in my opinion. I drive a non-PAS BX nearly everyday, and much as I love it, it's a very heavy car at low speeds.

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Re: 40k BX for Sale

Post by Tinkley »

I have viewed this car and will verify it is a real near minter, the best condition I've seen a used one in for a very long time. In fact, if it were not for the fact that I am having to shell out to get mine welded, I'd buy it. For the condition, the price is very fair, it is a real beauty. I'm afraid I did not check if it had PAS, but I would not be bothered, these 1.6 lumps are not heavy. Anyone seriously interested should go and see it.

My only real issue was being an auto, I'd need to convert it back to manual for my type of usage. I may be wrong, but for towing (only a dinghy) and the local hilly terrain round here, seems to reward the 5 speed box over the fuel consumption of an auto. As it happens I have a BE3 box, pedal box etc and can do the conversion, but for my personal use, I think I would have to.

Athena Girl wants a BX with a little more ooomph than this auto, and had a 1.4 TU previously. I believe if anyone wanted to swap a 1.9 GTI (or valver?) in decent condition could do a trade with her.

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Re: 40k BX for Sale

Post by Philip Chidlow »

To think, six or seven years ago I picked up a 23,000 mile, 1 fastidious owner so FCSH, PAS retro-fitted, in 'showroom' condition (I kid ye not, the only mark was a very slight 5mm dent on the o/s front wing - the underneath was just about as new) white TGS Auto for £450 including a full tank of fuel and a nice cuppa. It had been posted up here at £600 ono with no interest.

I didn't keep it long, but AFAIK it's still going.

I sold it because of the temptation of a 16v and I'd also got a ZX Volcane TD... and the TGS auto was thirsty and not a particularly interesting drive. Very leisurely and just made me miss a GTi auto. The ride was good though!
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