ever faithful GT to be re-engaged

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ever faithful GT to be re-engaged

Post by B-Hive »

Having enjoyed a year's hiatus, the GT will again be my main drive.

Fully rested ,and with some steel roof bars on order, she will be yet again the workhorse of the fleet.

Almost without thinking, today I bought a pair of large bed side drawers, then had the awkward moments of trying to fit them into the Astina hatch.

Yes they did fit eventually, but made me appreciate just how much stuff can easily go into even a BX hatch. To the point that you never really have to think about what you're buying size wise.

Anyhow.. With my 11 metre bus motor home fit out project happening, it is a great relief to have the GT registered again to soldier on to tackle the big stuff that i acquire for the project..let alone the vast kms she will again need to do.

The roof bars will just be a bonus for when I need to shift a larger couch for instance..So surprized that u can still buy roof bars that will fit the BX.. 100 quid but pay for themselves pretty quickly.

I am envisaging ovens, ....double bed, ....kitchen cabinets...roll of carpet...fridge...freezer...etc etc
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Re: ever faithful GT to be re-engaged

Post by rutter123 »

Other things that will fit in a bx hatch

A ton of bricks or
40 rolls of turf or
50 6ft fence posts or
25 bags of sand/cement or
A fridge/washing machine/tumble drier or
4 single mattresses or
2 tallboy wardrobes or
A vespa scooter or
A greenhouse in sections or
Most recently 3 bx doors, a tailgate, 2 wings

Just a few of the things ive carried in the old bx hatch workhorse. Try getting that in a new euro box.
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Re: ever faithful GT to be re-engaged

Post by Tinkley »

I've certainly had 250 bricks in mine at a time, close on 2,000 shifted. Interesting at 60+ though. Took it though to it's credit. I regularly just pop the boom of my dinghy in around 2.8 meters and you can just squeeze the 3m lengths of plumbing pipe in too!.