broken strut clip rear offside

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broken strut clip rear offside

Post by BxTZDkyle »

Inevitably the spring clip holding the trailing arm to the strut has snapped flush with the hole. Need to remove to do the trailing arm bearings. Anyone had this and how they got around it? How far does it go in?

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Re: broken strut clip rear offside

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i think on the BX trailing arm the hole goes all the way through the arm,
unlike the Xantia and C5's

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Re: broken strut clip rear offside

Post by David »

I've had this happen before. In the end I removed the rear arm & got the rod to come out of the suspension cylinder & removed it all from the car in one lump. I then took it to a engineering works to have it drilled out & got a new pin for it.

Someone else I know tried using a jack hammer to snap the pin, but it snapped the end off the rod & it had to be rebuilt by a engineering works.

The pin goes a fair way in too.

Hope that helps.
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