Was happenin with the forum?

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Philip Chidlow
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Re: Was happenin with the forum?

Post by Philip Chidlow »

I visit both, but use FB more. It's not a deliberate thing, more of an evolutionary thing... I posted about the work we did on the TZD this w/e on FB no problem, but (esp.. where pics are concerned) it takes a bit longer to do it here... and I don't get the.... what's the term?........ 'REACH'....

I'll continue to support this wonderful club via the Forum AND Facebook. It's like saying pen is better than pencil - still gets the message across. And frankly if FB want to 'own' any information I post (aware as I am of the T&C's) that's fine. It's not worth much lol and if I have any pics of my bare arse out there... well all I can say is sorry....

(My worry is posting my design work on the internet via online portfolios etc. - who know's some bastard in the far East is going to copy my cover for a book about fish! Horror! ;) )
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Re: Was happenin with the forum?

Post by mds141 »

Any pictures of 'AmphiBX' in the fishing book Phil? ;-)
Mark Smith

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Re: Was happenin with the forum?

Post by Thread Bear »

I think I choose to make no further comment, as I fear I have created sides, rather than a discussion.

But I definitely think red cars are better than white ones. :D
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Re: Was happenin with the forum?

Post by David »

I'm still here. When I'm not on here I'm mostly under my BX, or fixing other things.

As for the FB argument; I have an account, but rarely use it.
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Re: Was happenin with the forum?

Post by mat_fenwick »

My 2 pence worth - Facebook is just a tool, and can be used however the individual wishes. It can be a very effective tool; as already mentioned it's simpler to upload pictures, and you can get notifications of content you're likely to find interesting. Plus there's the option to 'like' a comment or photo...instant feedback, and a nice warm feeling when a load of people are appreciative of what you've just done.

People may be equally appreciative on here, but not have the time to post a reply, or simply feel they have nothing to say. I've often seen posts on here after I've seen them on Facebook, so perhaps haven't commented twice. Where the forum wins hands down though, is technical information and the ability to search for it. If all you had was FB it would just be a sea of people asking the same questions every week!

So yes, FB is easier and more dynamic for the social side of things, but as it stands not much cop for anything deeper.

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Re: Was happenin with the forum?

Post by electrokid »

But I definitely think red cars are better than white ones
Absolutely right there TB - not sure about 1996 though - that's a bit modern for me. I'd write more but my pet dinosaur has just eaten my quill pen...
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Re: Was happenin with the forum?

Post by sleepy0905 »

I am still here also I maybe dont own a bx at the moment but i do have a nice new C4 Selection.
I do check in every now and then just to see how the community is doing, the regular names are still her and vanny is still here but then he is part of the fixtures and fittings, there is a great bunch on here lol
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Re: Was happenin with the forum?

Post by Stinkwheel »

Cant speak for others, but as I tend to become busier in real life my forum use decreases (and vica-versa)
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