26,000 mile BX!!

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Re: 26,000 mile BX!!

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Mothman wrote:Even low mileage motors can rot. All depends on how its been stored. Mollie, my BX being restored at Chevronics looked like crap with terrible paintwork but underneath was fantastic with hardly any rust showing anywhere on the body,pipes etc a tad crusty, you may all have seen the pictures. She must have been kept under cover all her life. Has this one? Mollie was a freebie but not a runner and will be an expensive but marvellous motor in the end.
I would really need to see this motor in the flesh before i bought it. And, there's bound to be things wrong with it. There always is.

What I've discovered so far, is that low mileage cars seem to rot on the exterior, but be good underneath. Higher mileage cars seem to be the opposite - good outside, but risky underneath. I guess finding a well-used car with solid underpinnings is a good bet, unless you fancy throwing loads of money at the bodywork on a lower mileage car! The TRS is like new underneath, but 31 years of sitting around outside haven't done the body any favours!
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Re: 26,000 mile BX!!

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I think you may be right there Rich, Mollie had a little over 50k on the clock but the speedo had jammed so dont know how long she had been like that or how many miles she really has done. Hardly any rust except for door bottoms and surface rust in the engine bay so i reccon she had also been kept under cover. Standing outside for many many years dosnt help the tinworm either.
When i get Mollie back, she will be kept in a moisture free environment.


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Re: 26,000 mile BX!!

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Ah! Didn't realise it was the 'i'
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