Leo's valver, NEC

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Leo's valver, NEC

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All the NEC feedback I am getting mentions Leo's BX Gti. Even folk who are not very interested in 'moderns' noticed it, looked at it, are now asking me questions about BX. You might even have put the price of your own hobby up! Its not often one car creates quite such a stir across a very broad interest. It really has made a big impression and in the circumstances a separate note of well done that man.
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Re: Leo's valver, NEC

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I certainly wish I could have gone - it looked great. That BX has now redefined how 'red' a BX can be! Nice work Leo.
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Re: Leo's valver, NEC

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Thread Bear wrote: Leo's BX Gti. . . has made a big impression .
It looks like the world and his wife (well, probably not his wife actually) are now becoming well aware of something we already knew; the Citroen BX is a brilliant car and more than deserving of classic status! Again, well done Leo. 8)

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Re: Leo's valver, NEC

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Hahaha yes I did a lot of talking that weekend. And so it should be a classic! There's too many cars that aren't 'classics' should be classics.
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