Suspension tip re rhc

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Suspension tip re rhc

Post by Tinkley »

Having just had my BX sorted one small butuseful thing came to light concerning the suspension. I had found the car to be a bit harsh on the front, especially on potholes and very rough surfaces. The front spheres had been changed less than 9 months ago and the others were also in good condition.

When the rear subframe was off and welding done, the rear ride height corrector started to leak when it was all reassembled and pressurised. It was changed for a NOS unit which the guy had in stock. The transformation on the suspension balance has been significant, restoring it to a more even quality ride. No longer is the front being pushed by a 'faulty' rear height corrector. So if you are having ride quality problems, as I described above, it may be worth flushing or rebuilding the rear height corrector.

Remember that this type of fault is slow, like losing pressure in spheres so you hardly notice it until it becomes rather significant. Also I had done not insignificant work on the front, new wishbone bushes, drop links, returns, spheres etc. The rear and accumulator spheres are about 3 years old (25k) and still reckoned to be 'good', even though I have replacements to hand. One thing to watch for is a fastish rear 'settle' when you know the rear spheres are good. With a good rhc the 'settle' is very slow - mine stayed up for over a week after the rhc had been changed... :wink:

Doubtless someone else has encountered this problem, but I pass it on as our cars are getting older and this type of thing can happen at pretty much any time. FWIW this car has done approx 165k, about the same as my old 14 did when it too blew a rear height corrector.

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Re: Suspension tip re rhc

Post by mat_fenwick »

I've got a new one to stick on the rear too, at some point, then I can rebuilt that at leisure and stick it on the front. Or the other way around,but I'm putting off doing the front for as long as possible!

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Re: Suspension tip re rhc

Post by mds141 »

I fitted new rear spheres to the valver in 2013 and since then the rear has taken much longer to sit down. Also noticed a difference after running hydraflush last year.
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