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This shouldn't be hard, but I never seem to have any luck with places to do my tracking!

I'd be getting some scrubbing on the front inside shoulders so suspecting I have a bit of toe out I got my tracking checked.

I tried my local friendly tyre place and they put it right but now the steering wheel ain't straight. On the way home is a Kwik fit that offers a free check so but they claimed they couldn't do it because of it's magic suspension.

Is my steering wheel on a spline that I could just straighten up or should I be heading back and getting it done again? I didn't have a great deal of confidence in them to be honest.

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Re: Tracking

Post by Tim Leech »

DONT go to Kwik Fit!!!!

If the tracking is ok but the wheel is of centre its just a 19mm nut to pop it off and line it up again, make sure the wheels are dead straight though when you put the wheel back on, I put the wheel back on, with the nut hand tight and drive it forwards and backwards a few feet on a flat surface to check is all straight.
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Re: Tracking

Post by rutter123 »

Whoever set your tracking should have centered your steering wheel at the same time, if the car drives straight the steering can be removed with a 21mm socket.
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Re: Tracking

Post by citronut »

what they should actually do is adjust each/both track rod ends by exactly/equal the same amount,

what a lot of places do ( because they cant be bothered ) is adjust all of what it is out by at one side only, this then rotates the steering column, which in turn cocks the steering wheel round to one side or the other,

also i second Tim stating do not go anywhere near that K place,

i always recommend not to have tracking done by any tyre shop, but a local old school garage,

also tracking on a hydraulic citroen in no different than any other car, as it shouls be done on level ground
( like any other car ), and on normal ride height,

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Re: Tracking

Post by macplaxton »

As per above replies, laziness has overruled correct practice.

The steering wheel should be first clamped in the straight-ahead position and the appropriate adjustments made to each side. One side might need more than the other, but it highly unlikely to be all out on one side. Now clamping the wheel first assumes that the steering wheel is fitted on the correct spline. This should actually be checked to determine there is an equal number of turns to full lock left and full lock right.

I confused the hell out of garage once, because in my haste of rebuilding a rack, I put the pinion in one tooth out... In my defence though, the only details and picture in the workshop manual was for that of a LHD rack and the measurement had to be altered for a RHD one.