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Well Guys...Unfortunately it's not for sale, nor will it ever be so long as I live.

Cavmad, i'll work on that airfare!!! Maybe one day when I win the lottery!!
I'd love those two parts though. You can't buy the lip on the bumper here and there are virtually no cars here with foglights (only 16v's).

Just clearing a few things up for you guys cause this is an Australian car and has some things that you've probably never seen before.

The inlet manifold is a standard fitment to all TRI & TZI models here in Australia. So is the air filter, etc. According to Laser (The Citroen Parts System) the manifold and air filter is for a special "export" model. It was never released anywhere in the world except Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

As for the lower section of the boot, the only BX in Australia with that section in black is the BX 16V. There are no 8valve cars with that section black unless the owner painted it.

The ABS, only the BX 16V in Australia came with ABS. There are no TRI & TZI models fitted with ABS.

Just to give you an idea of the models that were available here's a list.

1985 to 1986 - The BX 19GT and the BX 16TRS were introduced. They were in series one guise with the original dash and the coloured indicators on the front. They were the same models as in the UK except that the TRS came standard with air conditioning, power windows all round and power steering.

1987 to 1988 - The BX19GT and 16TRS were phased out. The new model was the BX 19TRI. This car was the beginning of the unique Australian versions. This car was in series two guise with the revised dash and the white front indicators. This car had a standard 1905cc BX XU type engine. It had 8 valves but had multipoint fuel injection with a Bosch Jetronic ECU and a BE1 manual gearbox for the manual versions. The engine looked identical to the one in my car except instead of the coil on top of the manifold it was mounted on the firewall. Air-Conditioning was fitted as standard. This car had a rated 108 horsepower. Amongst the trade it was called the "TRI 108". These cars were actually manufactured in 1986 but sat in the french factory holding bay for nearly two years while the Australian GT and TRS was all sold!

1989 to 1991 - The BX 19TRI got an update. This was basically the same as the TRI 108, but had a new interior, had a Bosch Motronic ECU, new alloy wheels, the BE3 Manual gearbox for the manual cars and received some work to the engine to increase the compression. This resulted in a rated 122horsepower. Again it looked like my TZI engine but with the coil on the firewall. Amongst the trade it was called the "TRI 122". The Australian versions also had an importer fitted car alarm and new remote control to operate the central locking. Air-Conditioning was fitted as standard.
In my opinion the TRI 108 was a nicer running car on the road. It was smooth and seemed to have plenty of power on the open road. The TRI 122 felt more rough and ready.

In 1989 the BX 16V was also introduced. This car was current and unchanged until 1993 when the BX was discontinued here in Australia. It was the phase two 16V and had a downrated 142hp engine. It was basically the same as the UK version but with Air-Conditioning and the importer fitted car alarm.

1992 - 1993 The BX 19TRI was discontinued and the BX 19TZI was introduced for the final two years. It is exactly as mine which is shown above. It had the fiberglass panels in the rear pillars removed and metal ones used. It also had two colour bumpers.

My car was manufactured in late November 1992 and arrived in Australian February 1993. This was the last shipment of BX's to ever come to Australia. My car has a few characteristics that set it apart from the other Australian cars. My car uses a Xantia 8valve timing belt, it has an all plastic timing belt cover, it has BX 16Valve drive shafts with ABS sensor notches, it has a metal bonnet (all other Australian BX's had the carbon bonnet), a plastic cased hydraulic pump, Xantia chimes for the headlights and low pressure alert and has an exhaust manifold unlike one i've seen on a BX. This car doesn't even sound like a BX 8valve at idle! It sounds smooth like a BX16V and it's very quiet when it idles.

There were never any Diesel BX's brought into Australia as Diesel is expensive here!

If there are any more questions let me know. There's lots more I can tell you about Australian BX's. I have a good knowledge of them having grown up in my grandfather's Citroen dealership.

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