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Re: Changing turbo

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MULLEY wrote:They are rust heaps tbh, can't vouch for the ugly shaped new one's.
They missed two letters out of the name an R and a ..................

Cryptically yours, Jaba
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Re: Changing turbo

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Work is currently pending but slow progress, so far,
Turbo cartridge replaced
Inlet gadket replaced
Timing belt kit and w/pump
Main octopus replaced
Steering gators replaced
Thrust bearing replaced (have stuck with the old clutch as little wear after 50k)
Engine and box thoroughly degreased and cleaned
Rubber fuel lines replaced
Inside engine bay degreased and steam cleaned inc subframe
Bottom rad hose, intercooler hose replaced

Still to do
Front wheel bearings
Intermediate driveshaft bearing
Put it all back together and pray.
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