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I was confident that Cav the new emporer would have shiny car owners shot as part of his new manifesto. But now I see that he, too, is on the 16 v register.
Yet another example of ministerial complicity and SLEAZE.
Yours, disgusted
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As Cavmad's trusty sidekick, i must ask you to retract this statement.If you don't,you will be forced to drive a BMW:-everybody will hate you and nobody will let you out of junctions :D
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[quote="Philip chidlow"]Silverfox: You register with Photobucket.com

Thanks for that Phillip! Geoff
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Right, that`s it you bloody show offs! Tomorrow it wash, dry and Colour Magic time on my GTi and some pictures being posted up!
OK Billy, where are the pics? Although it'll make me regret selling her! :wink:
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