bits for sale

Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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bits for sale

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XUD7TE bx turbo diesel engine with bosch pump and garrett turbo approx 120k from a 91 car was good and running pre removal, no overheating/oil/water loss issues, regular servicing £100
Turbo diesel be3 5sp gearbox no issues £60
Pair o/e front wishbones will prob need new bushes £30
Pair front hub carriers £30
Pair rear arms (hatch) good for rebuild £40
Pair rear disc splash guards no rust £20
Diesel alternator £20
Diesel starter Lucas £20
Flow valve/pressure regulator complete gwo no sphere £40
PAS pipe £20
T/d intercooler and pipes £30
2 x b pillar interior light covers very good condition no cracks or deterioration £10
Bottom rear engine mount with bush £15
Grey glovebox good hinges £10

16v under bonnet lining with clips no rips or sagging £15
Short nose plastic bonnet in primer £20
T/d header tank with cap and pipes £20
1.9 n/a both rear silencer boxes only on the car for 5k £20
Scuttle panel in silver vgc £10
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Re: bits for sale

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Hi -

Does the engine have all the ancillaries, coolant hoses, etc?
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