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Time for me to brag now .......

I have been driving my BXs to a place in France right on the Italian border not too far from Turin for 6 years now. I go at least 3 times a year and do up to around 3000 miles each trip.
I have never had a breakdown, not even a puncture. I have had to buy a new battery twice though. In the winter temperatures there of minus 20 only a top condition battery will work properly.
I am off in September again in the GTi with aircon and will be getting around to visit Italy and Spain too. Image

End of bragging. Due to the uncrowded roads, driving in Europe is much more of a pleasure than here nowadays.

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in the BX you can stop for food! Which can't be said for all planes :)
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And I can smoke in my BX too, something not allowed on airplanes any more :)
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Well the family is flying tomorrow but I chose to drive the BX here, mad or what!
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