Center Console Switch Functions

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Center Console Switch Functions

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My BX GTI has two wires connected to the positive battery terminal, with in-line 15-amp blade fuses. Both wires go through the firewall; one powers an aftermarket Sony radio power amplifier under the right front seat. The other goes down the center console to the rear half, connecting to the bottom of a rocker switch on the left side of the console, ahead of the rear window switches. From this connector comes a single red wire with a female blade connector, and a light-gauge wire going to what appears to be a small white alarm or tone generator. What does this rocker switch do?

Forward from this rocker switch in the next switch slot is a small white push-button switch, with three-pins to connect to something. Nothing was connected to this that I can see.

The current project is removing an annoying aftermarket alarm system, but I have yet to find the power source for that, only the alarm horn in the engine compartment, with a black cable passing through the firewall, but I haven't been able to find where it ends in that tangle of wires under the steering wheel. Might it get power from the fuse box and also be connected to the ignition switch?

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Re: Center Console Switch Functions

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Sounds like something that's been retro fitted, pictures might help
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Re: Center Console Switch Functions

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Most aftermarket alarms take power from after the fuse box so that they can sense the voltage drop when a door is opened and the interior light goes on. They have a chassis connection too, and usually a connection to hazard lights as a minimum.
If you follow the wires back from the alarm loom, you should be able to find them all. Watch out for any wires used to immobilise the car,( breaking into starter, ignition low voltage or fuel pump feeds) if you just disconnect them, you may not be able to start the car.
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