Cluth Problem

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Re: Cluth Problem

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Its done!

Thrust release bearing the feckin thing had plastic lugs instead of metal and one the lugs had broken off twisting the fork in the process. So fortunately I did have a spare gearbox laying around and we used the fork and thrust bearing from that box that was going to go on the auto when I eventually got around to that job (2 years and

Someone commented on facebook clutches cheap enough blah blah....well down under in the middle of no where short of a bit of number 8 wire the solution was speedily done and recycling accomplished. Often New is not the best option thats what caused the problem anyways.
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Re: Cluth Problem

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Should have posted, i have a spare new Valeo release bearing for that type. No use to me as wrong type for the release mechanisms I have. Would have posted at postage cost only. Anyway key thing is you have it fixed, well done.