Not bc chat MIG welder problem

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Not bc chat MIG welder problem

Post by rutter123 »

Was hoping to tackle some inner wing corrosion on the td but I have a small prob with the welder, when changing the tip it's broken off flush with the end of the handle leaving the threaded part of the tip inside, I need to get this out somehow, could poss drill it but don't have a small enough stud extractor, any suggestions?
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Re: Not bc chat MIG welder problem

Post by KevR »

Drill it out progressively larger until you begin to break through the into the threaded part. Then either tease the remains out or run a tap through. You'll have to be very careful not to damage the torch part though - especially if it's a hobby welder as the torches aren't that robust.
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Re: Not bc chat MIG welder problem

Post by Kitch »

The tips aren't that hard, and they shouldn't be done up especially tight. I'd have thought a suitable flat-bladed screwdriver, press and turn kind of thing.
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