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Straight in today - Firefox, popup blocker on, AOL, no firewall.

When I was having problems and had to log in the thing was showing my name and password already completed - and to log in I only had to tick the remember box.

Strangely the icon in my favorites had actually changed from the normal firefox blue flag to a Google 'G' in a blue square.


Gareth Wales
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Six attempts to log in today and finally successful when I did not tick "remember me".
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Philip Chidlow
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Having a few problems myself. What's changed? I guess it helps me remember my log in details!

BTW, not sure about your redesign of the top left panel (speaking as a graphic designer)... :wink: If there's anything I can do....

Just ask. :)

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Stewart (oily!)
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Seems to be asking me for logins too, I am running opera which has a nice Magic Wand function so its not onerous.
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Post by Way2go »

I just got one of these:

PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in D:\hshome\jonkw\\forum\includes\template.php(127) : eval()'d code on line 34 :cry:
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Geoffrey Gould
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Post by Geoffrey Gould »

Hi had a small problem was asked twice for a password, entered user name and password and no problems since. I dont use a favourites to get to either part of the forum but use short cuts on the desktop for forum and index.
pop up blocker, IE 6, XP , Blueyonder.
Sometimes it's pretty slow., and the message notifacation didnt regester a message that had been sent to me. Seems to be OK now. A slight hic cup but what a super forum. Many thanks Jon,jolly well done. Like the idea of a shop.

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sorry to dig this one back up but, every log in i have is a double effort then i have to trail through the forums looking for the dates since i last logged in which is a pain as the lil yellow new post indicators dont show up (short term memory loss doesnt make it easy either) either,
i have xp and ie 6 (i think) with the firewall on, norton antivirus and stopzilla pop up blocker,
i have to say i know this may sound a lil off but it sort of drives me away from reularly checking the forum out when it doesnt make it so easy to pop in and out without logging in so many times!

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Post by ed4ferrets »

Mr B said
I'm a Firefox convert and I don't have to log in twice. It remembers my P/W and I just click on the box at the bottom of the forum, then straight in Rolling Eyes
Ditto for me!
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