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Hi Guys,
There seems to be no documented answer to the preceeding , however it is of interest to me.

Im in country Queensland .I sort of inherited the GT in 2010 but have been a TRI owner since 1989. we daily drive the BX19TRI estate.
The BX19GT got partially flooded in 2013 and fortunately I was able to sort most problems problems early. When I obained the car it ran terribly compared to a BX19GT I had prevoiously owned. Its been on my "play with little interest" mindset since then until last November when I registered it again.

The car is now on the Special Vechile registry here and can be driven, however there is a serious fuel supply problem that appears after about 10km, the problem improves after that if I run with the fuel filler cap open. 20k's and it barely wants to keep going even going downhill.

I have taken on board most of the preceeding discussion points. Im wondering if there is anyone who can give me some assistance?

The car has a manual choke and a Weber carb which I have dismantled twice to check jets operation float valve(replaced) seconadary throttle openning and etc. I have deactivated the emission control system and have the necessary diagrams for that system. The only electrical parts on the carburettor now is the electric cut off.
The car has delivery and carburettor return lines. All rubber hoses and pipes replaced & inspected . Tank pick up is replaced with a TRI unit.
There is a slight diferrence in design that I am wondering about? Is that a check valve fitted into the suction line above the filter?

The carburettor only had one drilled boss for the supply tube"? i fitted a tube for the retun hose but that seems to make no differrence with the return hose fitted or with the port blanked off?

I do have a new aftermarket coil which I will fit, that could well be the problem.

thank you

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Are you sure that by dismantling the emission control systems you did not blank the pipe that gives air to fuel tank?
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Thanks for the comment on the air line to the tank. There is certainly a lot of info in this thread now i have learnt to use it. Much of it I have tried.

The only service manual have is for the 1976 on models ( Blue cover) . Same goes for the parts catalog that I got off the Tramonta site. I would love to locate the earlier manual and some parts info for this car.

On my car the fuel pick up assembly at the tank has two hoses fitted, they fit onto metal lines along the chassis and then to forward hose pieces to the engine.
One line is the fuel suction, direct to the mechanical fuel pump. The other appears to be for the purposes of returning excessive fuel to the tank from the carburettor.
When I first got the car, the unusual thing about this is that the weber carburettor only had one fuel inlet pipe. The "fuel return hose/pipe assembly was blanked with a bolt/clamp. This hose has a 90 degree preformed bend at the carburettor end.
As far as I can ascertain, there is no pipe/hose associated with the emission control that related to the tank. The data I have shows an Exhaust Gas Reticulation circuit that takes vacuum from the carburettor . Its not operating at Idle or full throttle. I will look further though. Thaks again

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With old fashioned manual fuel systems they either work or they don't I find, so it sounds like something breaking down, I would replace the ignition system as I did, even if it doesn't cure the problem its good preventative measures.

No GT I've seen has a manual choke so wonder if its been converted?
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I am puzzled by all this. Air is let into the tank as fuel is used via a breather hose that is connected to the fuel filler and it vents down near the rear sphere where there is a T connector. There is a blocking valve in this vent line that is located in the rear wheel arch above the fuel filler the mounting of which can rust away allowing the valve, which is only open when vertical as its job is to stop spillage if the car is no longer vertical following an accident, to no longer allow air in.
A quick gentle blow up the hose from the T connector end would be a good test to do since you mention the problem is better with the filler cap open.
Is there any residual water in the tank ??
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