Whats yours called

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The Red Rocket, as in "The Red Rocket flies again!"

Usually when I'm surprising someone on the motorway by whizzing past them : )

Happens more frequently than you'd think, actually.
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Re: Whats yours called

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ken newbold wrote:I was driving along the other day when it suddenly occured to me all my cars have been called Bes or Bessy. :) From my first Austin Maxi to my present XM.
Whenever there's a problem she is called "Vache" but mostly "Old Girl" Depends on the moooood! (Excuse pun for those who knows what Vache means!) :lol: Geoff
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Come to think of it, we had a Visa we called 'Pig'.


And my daughter reminds me that when we lived in France the GSX was called 'Papillon'....

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Re: Whats yours called

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silverfox wrote:
Whenever there's a problem she is called "Vache" but mostly "Old Girl" Depends on the moooood! (Excuse pun for those who knows what Vache means!) :lol: Geoff

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I once went out with a girl that looked like that!!
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For what its worth, Jon's car was known as "By all means" a corruption of Par toutes fois.
My own, Grolliffe, is well known, (an ice dragon of clerical grade, in case you were wondering) and DLM's Answers to "Graculus", (a great green bird.) Adamski's car was indeed Passe-Partout, a faithful but not necessarily reliable French servant.

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Tom, I always thought that Graculus was the soup dragon from the Clangers, nice to see you posting again BTW
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Mine is simply refered to as The Ol' Girl!

After all I AM CORNISH!!!!


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My BX is simply "the BX"
The GSA is called Timothy (or Timmy by my friend Anita) because of his numberplate TMV or Tuh-Muh-Vee in French pronounciation. The previous owner (hi RKM, if you're still around!) just called it "TMV". I sometimes just call him "the GSA" or "the G". Maybe I should call him "the Moneypit"...


tim leech

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My SD1 is called "Erica" as the number plate is ERC742T, the bx is called "Hiccup" (bestowed by the previous owner) as its H746CCP, The triumph is "Jocie" as its JOC397L and the Xantia HENRY as its M908HRY