WTB: 16Valve Front Bumper

Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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WTB: 16Valve Front Bumper

Post by frog »

Howdy folks,

I am trying to find a BX 16Valve front bumper bar.
Mine had a tow ball put through it in a parking lot last night.

I have tried most of the local sources.
I'm not having much luck so far.

I've been told insurance will pay to freight a good second hand bar to be painted and I would rather go down this route. I know they're fibreglass but my previously repaired rear bumper is cracking in the places it was repaired 4 years ago, so I would rather start with a straight bumper.

I've tried 6 different panel shops and a specialist fibreglass repairer (boats, etc), only two were prepared to give me quotes and both are hoping to track down a bar before repairing mine.

There is a chap here in Australia who is having some bumpers shipped over so if one turned up I could likely add it to his shipment.

Just exploring all options.

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Re: WTB: 16Valve Front Bumper

Post by rutter123 »

There was a guy recently breaking a complete 16v in the uk, im sure he put a post up on the forum. Might be worth a look thru the for sale section.
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