Walton Bridge Breakfast Club - Surrey - Sunday 05/06/2016

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Walton Bridge Breakfast Club - Surrey - Sunday 05/06/2016

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Walton Bridge Breakfast Club

Sunday 5th June 2016

08:00hrs - 12:00hrs (approx)

Walton Lane Riverside Car Park,
Surrey, KT12 1QW (ish)


Google Maps Link...

The summer is so darn close now so it's time to get those glorious old cars out, get them polished up and get them down to the Walton Bridge Breakfast Club...

The WBBC is here again and it needs YOU to make it as interesting and as varied as it has always been!

Each and every meet just keeps getting better so please do come along and get involved with your car or just come along and have a peek to see what the WBBC is all about! Without you lot this meet would be nothing so thanks ever so much to you all, you make this meet what it is and I really cannot ask for more than that can I...?!

So, what's what...?!

Walton Bridge Breakfast Club is back and I want all you wonderful people to come down in your equally wonderful old/unique/special/rusty motors...! You really do need to come along if you're into old/classic/retro/exotic/unique vehicles as I think this really is the meet for you...

Come along to the beautiful riverside in Walton-on-Thames for some good old fried grub (I'm not the healthy eating kind of chap but I can bring a box of Muesli along if anyone wants some!!!), a mug of hot coffee and a chance to have a gander at a superb and varied selection of wonderful classic and exotic vehicles of all types...

This is just a little, local meet so all makes and types of classic and distinctly unique vehicle are more than welcome to attend and that is what I encourage... Variation is the key here so please don't be shy (don't ever underestimate what you've got)! Cars, trucks, tractors, buses, motorbikes and boats (we are right by the river!!!) are all welcome if that's what you've got!!!

Please be aware that although the car park is pretty large other members of the public will be using it also so it is all based on a first come, first gets a decent space rule (things do get very busy!)... This is why I've started the meet from 08:00hrs!

Please drive carefully and responsibly in the car park as other people will be carelessly wandering around in there...!!! Safety is paramount so caution is the key... Keep your eyes peeled for people on foot as they won't keep their eyes peeled for you...!!! I cannot stress the importance of being sensible in the car park enough...

Bring your vehicle, bring your family, bring your friends and don't forget to bring a fully charged camera...

So, please do spread the word far and wide and let everyone know about this meet as I want this to be yet another ruddy good one... The Walton Bridge Breakfast Club is here and it's here for people just like you and I!

See you all there (I hope!)...

For more info' please email me on waltonbridgeclassics@hotmail.co.uk


* Future WBBC meets for 2016 TBC...
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Re: Walton Bridge Breakfast Club - Surrey - Sunday 05/06/2016

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That's actually Cowey Sale car park whatever thay now call it after the fancy new bridge. Hey I even drove (or rather was driven) over the old WW2 brick jobbie back in the 60s'....give them credit, the river bottom was left clean when it was fully removed.

Still a good place to spot the parakeets which just love the trees over the Shepperton side of the river.....near where those new houses are that replaced the Laconite factory. Funny how a planning application quite nearby (but Runymede council not Elmbridge) was turned down on the sole grounds of causing employment.... :wink: