Paint spattered from bin lorry

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Paint spattered from bin lorry

Post by RobC »

This morning the whole passenger side of my BX was spattered in yellow paint from a presumably botched wheely bin incident with the bin lorry (who on earth puts open tins of paint in their bins? grr to my neighbours). Anyway the operatives left all their details on a piece of paper under my wiper.

Any advice on first steps?

I was planning on getting in touch and confirming that they accept responsibility for the damage, then getting it repaired, and sending the bill to them. Will it be a big repair job do you think, or just a quick case of rubbing down. I ask because the roof at least has been in need of a respray for a good few years....
1991 Citroen BX 16v

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Re: Paint spattered from bin lorry

Post by JayW »

The fact they left their details is sufficient acknowledgment. They ARE responsible from the moment the operative takes control of the bin, even though it may not actually be thir fault.

As for repair, it depends entirely upon the type of paint.

Emulsion will wash off.
Gloss and Eggshell will come off with turps once softened and can be removed from glass with a blade. So, the likelihood of any type of respray is unlikely.

Just remember, as a vehicle, you run the risk of it being written off just the same as a crash. Be reasonable and you'll be alright, start pushing for betterment (the dodgy roof for example) and you'll stray into trouble.

After all, accidents do happen and I bet the guy involved feels like shit.

I'd personally be having a word with the neighbours along with my mate Mr Baseball Bat... ;)

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Re: Paint spattered from bin lorry

Post by Defender110 »

/\ as that apart from the recommended game of baseball. :-)
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