Paint code UA1?

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Re: Paint code UA1?

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Tim Leech wrote:Hmm all the brochures I have stated Alpine white, maybe that's what its know as over here, and in France tis different

Anyway the colour code is EWT
That's what I was thinking.
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Re: Paint code UA1?

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Philip Chidlow wrote:Yes but French for Alpine is of course, 'Meije'...

;) Only kidding.

But it is an 'Alpine' place...

Yes, La Meije is among the highest of the French alps. Here is a pic of my GTi at the top of the Col du Lauteret (2000m) with it in the background.

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Re: Paint code UA1?

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Ok, so we have established the paint code is EWT, so what does UA1 represent? Just out of interest. This is on a small white sticker approx an inch square just next to where the paint code was.
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