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Alan, are you talking about the holes through the bulkhead? I thought all the BX's came with these only blanked off? Mine certainly has plenty of blanking plates all over!

Phase one will be started come the summer, but i really cant see why only having the recirc on one side will make the damndest bit of difference, thats assuming that i go to the trouble of fitting the recirc? Not sure i will like a loss of cubby hole :( Unfortunately my engine bay is already rather full, and the air con pipes will probably end up on there own bracket above the gearbox, no way they will fit under the battery!

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Yes they will, Vanny. They won't fit any other way. The recirculation is essential, both to get the maximum cooling and to get the best virtue of aircon - instant demist. Using a single fan is a no-no as well. You need extra fan power to blow through the evaporator and the single fan is akin to an asthhmatic kitten blowing on your ankle. The twinned fan setup has enough grunt to do the job properly, which is what you should do!