Looking for BX GTI 16v

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Looking for BX GTI 16v

Post by davehill99 »

Hi everyone

Looking for a BX GTI 16v to buy. I know they are rare, and hard to come by. Looking for one in a fairly decent condition, not one that is on ebay currently that needs a new engine.

Please let me know if anyone knows of one for sale.

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Re: Looking for BX GTI 16v

Post by rutter123 »

HI Dave, sometimes a bx that needs a new engine can be much less work than a bx that is rusty, 16v's are quite rare but do come up on ebay and car & classic, buyer beware you will only get what you pay for, if you only want to spend minimum money then you will inevitably end up spending much more than you expect, my advise is buy the best you can afford.
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Re: Looking for BX GTI 16v

Post by Kitch »

rutter123 wrote:my advise is buy the best you can afford.
Mine would be to buy whatever you can find :lol:
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Re: Looking for BX GTI 16v

Post by Tim Leech »

If you can find a solid shell that's a bonus, the engines aren't complicated by modern standards,
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Re: Looking for BX GTI 16v

Post by automatic60 »

Hi Dave,

I currently have a 1990 Citroen BX 16V MK2 for sale. The last time I drove it was about 5 years ago coming from Liverpool the clutch went and I parked it in the back garden ever since but I will be getting the clutch fixed very soon.
This car has a good engine and comes with a Clifford alarm and 4 front head lamps.

Please do let me know if you are interested in this car as I am looking to sale it asap?
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Re: Looking for BX GTI 16v

Post by smyth602 »

automatic60 I've pm'd you about this :)