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I expect most Bx's have now all done quite high mileage nowadays (200k not being a uncommon sight), expecially the diesels, shall we have a poll and see who has the highest and lowest?

My lowest was my 1987 D beige 16TRS with 71k (bought for £10). Highest was the 19TZD with 167000. 16TZS was 80k, 16V was 88k, 19TXD was 145k, 19TGD auto was 102k and my current 19TZS is 75k!

I have driven a BX with about 10000 miles on but that was in 1992!
Dont think I have missed any!

Anyone buy a new one?

Over to you boys!

st gilles

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My previous Mk. 1.1986 1.9 diesel estate had 187,000 on it when I got it and after 3 years I sold it for the same money I bought it for with 247,000 miles on it. Apart from being extremely low on power on hills it went as well when I sold it as it did when I bought it.
My current 1990 BX 1.9 TZD Auto which stays in France now has 209,000 kms on it which I convert roughly... (roughly sir? Yes, roughly centurion.) to 130,000 miles, its like a new car compared to the previous one. I did like the old style dash though with the revolving drums etc. etc.

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My 16v has hit 101,000 now having bought it in June '04 with 88k miles. Its done about 2000 since January '05 :lol:

The 19RD estate was acquired with 172000miles and is sitting on 194k currently.....although now out of ticket and the future looks bleak unless a saviour appears :cry:

I have a 205 1.8D with the N/A XUD7 engine....1992 K plate currently reading 293k miles! Not much slower than any other I've driven and all the parts are original (I'm the second owner!)
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My current BX was bought in '95 with 60K on the clock. It now has 123K.

The GTi i had a while back had 80K when bought. Can't remember what it went away with!

I suppose my car is just run in at 123K considering the mileages you hear about these cars doing!!!!

Off subject slightly, my '99 Xantia was bought with 10K on the clock in 2000 and now has done 67K.

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My TZD had 42K on it when I bought it just over two years ago, it now has 61k but I suspect that the instrument pod may have been changed, my ZX has 168k on it and my old GTI/TD had 170k when scrapped. though its TD engine was near 300k overall.
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My GTI had 134K on it when I bought it and now has 154.5K. I anticipate seeing (hopefully) at least another 20k out of it before moving on...
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tim leech

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Kewl whos going to get the award for the highest mileage, ken or cavmad me thinks maybe!

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Definately not me, since I sold the tgd estate to Lockwoods with over 360k on the clock.

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My 1.9 Tgd had 136350 Miles when i got it in Dec 2000 it has now just turned over 192400 Miles but we dont think the mileage is genuine as the spedo shows signs of being clocked but it has just had a replacement engine out of Cavmads Estate which had done 118000. :D
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My car arrived two years ago at 124,600. It is currently on 155,000 and running better than ever. I expect that it will stay on the books until it is worn out, which could be some time coming...

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Bought my 16v in 2000 with about 40k on it and clocked up about 30k in 3 years of daily use but it doesn't go far these days so it currently has about 67k on it and thankfully everyone that has driven it has noticed how "together" it all feels 8)

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I don`t think it`ll be me either. Had a 1900 petrol a few years back with (I think) about 120k. The 1.7 n/a had circa 120k. The `old estate` had done around 114k (Sleepy knows for sure as he`s still running around with it`s engine and box!). Don`t know what the 16V has done, `new` estate (and I think I`ve got some good news about that coming later) has done around 150k, GTi auto around 100,000 (can`t remember off hand), TGD turbo diesel 91k and recently departed TZD I can`t remember.

I`d have no qualms about buying a mega-high miles one though, usually general condition of car will tell you if it`s been cared for or not.
Just missed out on a Mk3 Cav with something like 485000 on it, I`d have loved that just to see if I could get it to 750,000 or more. I think if a car`s done that sort of mileage it kinds deserves to be saved.
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Bought my 14 TGE in late August 2004 at 63,000...its now at 77,000. Bought my ZX in 2000 with 38, at 103,000. My 1st car, recently departed 309 style D was bought in 2000 at 76,000....sold few weeks ago at 180,000.
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I bought my Mk1 in March 2000 with 129k on the clock, fitted a new cambelt in May 2002 with 138k then today I've put another belt on it at 143,500.

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Bought my 16v on 74k miles in 2001, its now 2006 and its just broke 86k. Thats not because i dont drive it, infact when its running it can see upto 1000 miles in one weekend . . . just a shame it likes to be in the garage on axel stands more than it likes to be on the road on wheels!

the 19rd left this earth at a mere 110k miles, while it was 80% sound body wise the mechanicals left a lot to be desired and it was already on its second engine!