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Re: engine conversion

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JayW wrote:
Fri Feb 01, 2019 12:04 am
My 1.9 n/a is perfectly capable around town and cruises effortlessly. Don't know why people slate them. It also returns 65mpg on a long steady run.

I've also driven the 1.7 n/a and it is also a decent drive.

It should be remembered that a BX weighs no more than a modern city car and has equal or more power - and almost certainly more torque.

Totally agree although the 1.7s were normally not fitted with PAS which is a pain with the heavier diesel engines and totally ruins the driving experience but a 1.9 with PAS is a great drive.
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Re: engine conversion

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barry badger wrote:
Wed Jan 16, 2019 10:16 pm
the blue smoke only starts as the engine warms up

This is a hint to worn valve stems (or selas, if installed. Not from factory in all diesel engine variants, but can be installed when changing the stems), just as Rutter123 points out. You don't need much oil to make the blue smoke.. In gasoline engines (without cat) this is easy to figure, with engine warm, after a long motor breaking (gear in, clutch up, gas pedal up, rolling), when pushing the pedal again you get a blue cloud. With diesel it's not so obvious because the lack of throttle flap, but can be detectable also. Smoking can also happen when staying long time on idle.
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