More Hydraulic Leaks, Any Advice?

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Re: More Hydraulic Leaks, Any Advice?

Post by Kaapelimies »

The sealants (or thread-locking glues) can be bought from almost any car-part shops (at least here in Finland), but better selection can be in a shop that deals with tractor parts and their hydraulics. That is also the place to visit if you need your hydraulic tubing-to-piping unions fixed. But, you must tell it's from a log splitter, because they will not do car parts ;) . When applying, you have to clean all deposits of oil with an oil cleaning agent like crc bräkleen or similar, and let the sealant dry for 12-36 hours depending on the gap you want to seal.
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Re: More Hydraulic Leaks, Any Advice?

Post by David »

Thanks again for the replies.

Today the car has been seriously testing my patience again.

I found that hydraulic union was still leaking, so I found a old bleed screw out of my old Xsara to put in and try it, but it just created a LHM fountain! after trying another one with the same results, I raided the parts car and found the ones in the rear calipers were much longer than the ones that I'd just tried, so I've fitted that and (so far) there don't appear to be any leaks from it now. I've left the suspension under pressure tonight and I'm going to look tomorrow. I don't understand why the other side sealed with no trouble, but this one just wouldn't. I'm hoping that I've finally got it to seal, because I'm frankly getting bored of all these leaks.

I also resealed the sump a few days ago as I found a leak from that, and after leaving it a few days to dry, I filled it with oil today and I've found it's still leaking! I put a lot of glue around it, so I just don't understand how it can still be leaking. It's from between the spacer and the engine itself. (It's got the alloy AC sump fitted). Has anyone got any suggestions here?

The rear diff has been giving me trouble after replacing yet another oil seal too, but I'm not going into that right now.

Has anyone got the email address for Pleiades? I need to email them, but I don't know their email, and I haven't had time to try to find it.

Also, does anyone have any idea who could repair my AC compressor or where I can get another one that isn't leaking?

Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: More Hydraulic Leaks, Any Advice?

Post by Jaba »

Pleiades: I usually phone them. You can find them on Facebooh........ ... 294714268/

Sump leaks: yeh difficult to fix on some cars.I use silicone on both sides of the spacer and a gasket too if I use one. But dont forget oil can leak past the seals on the rear main bearing cap and this can end up spreading along the sump from the flywheel end.

There are compressor refurbing companies around I am sure. You probably need a new front bearing and oilseal for the leak. I bought a new compressor, a Nissan, on ebay a few years back.

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