Steering Acceleration Problems 1991 BX 14 TGE Break

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Steering Acceleration Problems 1991 BX 14 TGE Break

Post by bennu61509 »

The steering in my 1991 BX 14 TGE Break gets tight when I'm accelerating. When I go into neutral, it gets better and when I hit the breaks, the steering gets smooth. Accelerating up a hill almost makes steering impossible.
Tire pressure and LHM levels are okay.
Can anyone give me an idea on what might be going on?

Thank you :)

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Re: Steering Acceleration Problems 1991 BX 14 TGE Break

Post by rutter123 »

I assume you don't have power steering being a 14?
I suspect you have a very worn driveshaft/c.v joint.
A worn c.v joint can make your steering heavy especially under load almost to the point where your steering is non operational.
I once had this on my old C15 petrol van which effectively has the same running gear.
I suggest you get it checked out before the c.v joint completely fails, driveshafts aren't too expensive.

In case you are unaware a c.v joint is a flexible coupling on the driveshafts which has needle type roller bearings on splines inside, these bearings can break up internally and get smashed to pieces inside the joint causing it to "lock up". A tell tale sign of a worn joint starts with a clicking noise on full lock.
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