Wanted MK1 , owt for sale?

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Wanted MK1 , owt for sale?

Post by madjoiner »

Any mk1's for sale?
Ideally a runner and not a project.

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Re: Wanted MK1 , owt for sale?

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a lot more choice in france, very rare over here, I have two but dont want to part with either really sorry.
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Re: Wanted MK1 , owt for sale?

Post by Kitch »

Rob Moss has a nice 14 in maroon. Imported it last year, I think. There do seem to be more in Europe, though.
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Re: Wanted MK1 , owt for sale?

Post by saintjamesy89 »

I'll have a french (LHD) 16 TRS 'SE' for sale later on in the year. Currently running, but needs a bloody good clean and a bit of tinkering. Has been stood for quite some time but looks (superficially) fundamentally good, needs registering etc, but i'll likely see to that. Price will depend on what it owes me, and costs incurred in getting it legal and MOT-able.

This is after it was delivered to me and I cleaned it and got it running.



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