Passenger seat

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david troughton
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Passenger seat

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I’m looking for a passenger seat for my meteor (TGS) black with red stripes velour type fabric, unless anyone knows how to remove dried wood glue from it!

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Re: Passenger seat

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If a pva or water-based glue, try some hot water with a good dose of bio clothes-washing liquid in it.
Use a small nail brush on the pile.
An alternative is some slightly abrasive workshop hand cleaner.
Neither should affect the colour.

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Re: Passenger seat

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A damp cloth left over the glue for a while should soften it up

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Re: Passenger seat

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A steamer should get it off if it is pva.
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Tim Leech
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Re: Passenger seat

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Also something called Gelsolv, trade product to remove glue and chewing gum
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