Oil temp sender

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Oil temp sender

Post by rutter123 »

Fitting an oil temp gauge on a t/d
I have already fitted a digital water temp gauge and want same for oil temp, where is the best place to fit the sender?
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Re: Oil temp sender

Post by Jaba »

I fitted one on the rear of the sump of my TD but it had an ally sump for aircon with a ready made threaded fitting.
If you have the tin sump its more tricky unless you have a second plugged hole in the rear of the sump. If not you can replace the drain plug with a temp sensor, not ideal or drill a hole in the rear of the sump and weld a nut on for the sensor.
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Re: Oil temp sender

Post by white exec »

Would an alternative be to fit a sandwich plate (eg a Mocal one, from someone like thinkauto.com ***) between oil cooler and block, and fit a temp sensor there? You would just need a longer (usually M20) hollow bolt, which these folk can also supply.
Avoids any irreversible surgery.
*** eg p.24 of their on-line catalogue

I have had a Mocal sandwich 'take off' for an up-front Setrab oil cooler fitted to the 2.5TD XM for a decade now, to replace the weak and leak-prone Valeo original aluminium oil-water cooler. All the bits came from thinkauto.
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Re: Oil temp sender

Post by David »

When I fitted mine, I acquired a 'sandwich' plate for between the oil filter & engine. On mine the threads were the smaller size for the pressure sensor in the 'sandwich' plate. Because I wanted to fit both gauges, I installed it & got an oil pressure switch from a Ford transit, which had the same thread as the pressure sensor & fitted them both in the plate, I then replaced the original pressure switch in the engine with the temp sensor.

Here's a picture of it off the engine. They're set up as they are to avoid the A/C compressor and the engine cooling pipes.
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