Wanted: rear height corrector.

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Wanted: rear height corrector.

Post by valerie »

my bx just failed its MOT.
Apparently the rear height corrector is dripping lmf fluid, and the tester says its letting too much out.

Can these things be dismantled and fixed, or do they just have to be replaced.

It was the only thing wrong with the car, but I only have ten working days to get it fixed and take it back
for the retest.

So, I need a replacement rear height corrector.

Best regards, Valerie.

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Re: Wanted: rear height corrector.

Post by white exec »

The height correctors are easily removed and repaired. Same unit, front and back.
Repair kits are readily available from folk like Chevronics, Citroen Classics, etc.

CitroJim posted a detailed step-by-step how-to, which is here:

If you're getting someone else to do the repair, it'd be worth printing this out and letting them have it.
Rebuilt HCs also usually available, at a price - same folk.
The same HC was used on Citroens from DS onwards; just the linkages to them, and the mounting brackets, varied from model to model.

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Re: Wanted: rear height corrector.

Post by xantia_v6 »

If the leak is only due to a split in the rubber end cover, or if that cover has popped off, it can be repaired without dismantling the valve.

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Re: Wanted: rear height corrector.

Post by Jaba »

The most common leak here is from a split rubber return pipe at the top rear so it would be worth checking this first.
Pleiades are another supplier of HCs and the repair kits.
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