Tzd cam in a 1.9

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Tzd cam in a 1.9

Post by Ohthehorror »

Hello everyone .I am the owner of a tzd which is very much a love hate affair .I have the origami fine on a bench.with a I think a xantia in the car .my question is (after snapping a cam ) the replacement cam (tzd) is tightened down it is difficult to turn over by hand . loosen the caps it's fine .when the pump was working it ran this normal .I was under the impression the cams were different but usable.

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Re: Tzd cam in a 1.9

Post by mat_fenwick »

Not sure exactly what you are asking? TZD is just a trim level and may relate to turbo or non-turbo engines. Are you putting the cam into a non turbo 1.9 diesel? Or petrol!!!?

If the original cam snapped, did you also have to replace the cam caps? These are line bored with the head so replacements may not match up, although you can sometimes get away with it.

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Re: Tzd cam in a 1.9

Post by Jaba »

Yes you should be able to turn the engine with a different cam.
Just to underline Mat's comments - with a different cam and caps if it is too stiff to turn with new caps fitted they will need line boring before fitting the cam. Check it out with the belt off using the 16mm sprocket bolt on the RH end. The only resistance should be the valve springs.
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