The Manx 16Valve

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The Manx 16Valve

Post by tzd-92 »

At long last I am behind the wheel of a BX! I've recently bought a 1990 BX 16 Valve from a fellow BX'er on the Isle of Man, its low mileage sitting at just over 70,000, I think a life on the island has helped to keep the mileage low. However a life on the island hasn't been particularly kind to it on the cosmetic front. As expected the red paintwork has faded to the common shade of pink! Also there is a few areas of rot that will need attention.

I have been using it pretty much daily since buying it and I absolutely love it though it isn't without its niggles, and me being mainly a Volkswagen man I aren't all that familiar with the BX's. The most annoying problem that I have with it at the moment is that it really struggles to idle especially once its warm. It drives great, plenty of poke no hesitations at all but once you put the clutch it and start slowing down it loses its idle and cuts out. Starts straight back up again no mither but then doesn't maintain a consistant idle.

The next problem it has is a relatively minor one (I hope!) when accelerating, mainly uphill, the STOP light illuminates along with the coolant light. If i take my foot off the acclerator it goes out and stays out until its under load again. The temperature is fine and theres plenty of coolant in it.

The other thing that has got me pondering is that it rear is very quick to sink once parked up. After a good run I park it up and within 20-30 minutes the rear has completely sunk. Is this normal? I seem to recall them being able to maintain height for longer than that.

Well on reading that back I've been very negative about it, I just want to get these few bits sorted out so that I can use it properly and have a bit more faith in it. The plan is to get across to England for one of the shows next year.

I've got to say that I have been well and truely shocked at the amount of attention that it draws, sitting in traffic people will shout across complimenting the car, same scenario whenever I go to refuel. I was expecting some stick for driving a car that 15ish years ago you struggled to give away.

The plan is to get it mechanically sound then invest some money in sorting out the rust and getting a lick of paint thrown on it.

Anyway thats enough talking for now, below are some pictures of it and any advice on sorting out the niggles would be very much appreciated.
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Re: The Manx 16Valve

Post by rutter123 »

Well done you...
The idle issue I can't help with but someone will be along shortly with an answer.
The lhm light flickering is most likely low level lhm in the tank or low water level poss faulty sensor in the header tank, certainly start by checking the lhm if it's low find out why, poss leak in system. If the level gets too low you will loose your PAS.
The sinking is normal usually solved by rebuilding the rear height corrector with new seals generally stops the leak back, unless you're losing fluid elsewhere.
Ohh that rust looks gnarly, quite common tho, worth removing the front wings and checking the inner wings and bases of the a-pillars as they can rot out quite badly from the inside, (usually caused by blocked sunroof drains) same applies at the bases of the c-pillars and yours look quite rusty, hence check the rear axle mounts by lifting the rear seat base and remove the plastic covers.
I hope you not brought a lemon but body kits can and do hide a multitude of unseen......
Nice looking 16 Soupage tho
Sadly most red ones have paint trouble in their latter years just as my ven red one has.
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Re: The Manx 16Valve

Post by Dave_16v »

Nice to see another Valver appear on here. I know exactly what you mean about comments and filling up.
They get a lot of attention as do BX 's generally now from previous owners, classic enthusiasts and folk who wonder what they are.

For your idle issue see this thread.


You could also look at this thread re error codes ( model specific).

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