Daft question: front subframe middle bolt

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Daft question: front subframe middle bolt

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Investigation of a clunk on my BX 4x4 estate revealed the middle subframe bolt, UK offside - that's the forward of the pair of bolts that pass through the anti-roll bar bearing - is missing. Does anyone know what size it should be, and whether there is a captive nut/ tapped hole into which it goes, or whether a nut will also be missing? This car specializes in the weirdest problems...
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Re: Daft question: front subframe middle bolt

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You must have a remarkably reliable BX! Registered on the forum 13 years ago, and this is your first post???
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Re: Daft question: front subframe middle bolt


Why not take the bolt out from the offside and compare?
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Re: Daft question: front subframe middle bolt

Post by David »

The subframe bolts are the same on the 2wd & the 4x4, or at least on the mk2 cars, so one should be easy enough to acquire. I’d personally remove the other side & get the dimensions of it & probably get a new one from a nut & bolt shop, there are some around.

I think it’s a tapped hole, I didn’t have to worry about a loose bolt on the top when I removed my subframe. The 2nd nut that holds the anti roll bar bush is shorter & has a loose bolt on top, but not the main hole. You’ll see what I mean when you look under the car.

Hope that helps.
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