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My BX project has come to an end. The car is simply not worth bothering with, even if the shell is sound, I have no enthusiasm for it. It is being scrapped in the morning

I bought in a number of spares, which are for sale as one lot, no splits, no offers. Buyer collects from Poole.
Used parts.
Front Struts, five off, not used in years but two were refurbished by me and not used much thereafter. Which two, you willl have to work out.
A box of spares, switches and a pedal box.
New parts
A pair of estate rear lenses, both new in boxes.
Clutch kit for be1 box, driveshaft oil seals, 4Litres of the correct oil and a new clutch cable.
7 Litres of LHM unopened.
Two estate rear spheres IHFS, new. Two fronts, 150 miles. IHFS.
Fulll head gasket set, new bolts and a good TD head that I am currently having lightly skimmed.
New Heater Matrix.
£350 the lot.
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Re: Spares.

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Hi Tom I see on the BX forum you were advertising some bx estate rear lights
are these still available
Best regards