Could this be causing my running problems???

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Post by Vanny »

Now i'm no oldie, and this aint no diesel engine where talking (the knowledge i have of this petrol stuff is veeeerryryy limited), but i thought the caps where meant to have 4 contacts, one for each HT lead which goes to a plug in each of the 4 cylinders and sets fire to stuff?

So i guess it would try to run on two cylinders occasionally arcing to the other two and getting really confusing?

Is there a way to get round these caps? Seem to think i've seen a BX with some gizmo from a 405 that got rid of the dizzy, some big black box thing?

I know that with the 16v its simply not ecconomical to do anything but buy the uber expensive £50 jobbie, are the 8v's as prone to failure?

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Post by Ian_Fearn »

The cap has been replaced, it made no difference to the running problems i already had.

The later Motronic 8v cars had a coil pack instead of a distributor cap.
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