Rubbing Me up!

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Rubbing Me up!

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Ive just fitted some lovely TSW 15" alloys to my 16v and it looks great, they came of a 16v so fitted easily, only prob is the near side rear wheel catches on the wing and makes a slight rubbing noise! If i raise the suspension it goes away obviously.

There looks to be no wear on the arm bearings!

Help! I dont want to take them off as they look real nice!


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Why not gently re profile the rear spat with a lump of wood and just pull it out slightly, I had to do this to Vera when I fitted the graphites. It wasnt noticable, but stopped the rubbing.

tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Think im going to have to marty I tried pulling it hard and it made a bit of cracking noise so I left it! :oops:

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Had the same problem on the estate and followed Marty`s suggestion (using brute force). The strange noise stopped after a while though I do check the tyres regulary to make sure there`s no sign of rubbing on the sidewalls as this could be potentially dangerous.
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:lol: have to agree with Kitch here, grinder is the way foward
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When I fitted the 17" alloys to my old Bx16v, I had to the grind the inner metal rear arch back 3mm so that it was near flush with the return lip of the plastic outer arch extension piece.

I would also advise that you check clearance on the head of the bolt that holds the rear arm, as I had an issue getting round this depending on the ET offset of the wheel and if spacers are required.

I would use Kitch's recommended choice of tool :twisted: :lol:

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tim leech

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Well Ive found the problem, the rear arm bearing does have slight wear in it, and with 7" wheels instead of 5.5" its just catching the inner wheelarch. Not a major problem but means I will have to take me new wheels off for the time being :oops:

tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Unless I fit the standard rear ones and then swop at the show!