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There is a moto to this story, you may not like it but it's true.

If you're thinking of changing the timing belt, dont think it ----- DO IT.

Sorry and my sympathy is with you, but I have heard this sad story before. :cry:

The rest of us should learn from this.

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Post by Kitch »

Relating to the quality of the belts, there are only about four main makers in the world, with numerous different logos on.

My experience is that they are all the same. Dayco, Gates, Contitech, Qinton Hazell.....probably all come off the same production line!
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Post by AlanS »

This is the info I was talking about regards the development of belts over recent years (from Gates.)
I've just done a cambelt on an 8 valve PSA engine and noticed a bit of interesting info printed on the box the belt came in that I feel is relevant to anyone wanting to do a belt change.

1st Generation:

(NEO) = Neoprene, fibre glass cords and nylon tooth facing.

2nn Generation:

(HTN) = High-Temperature Neoprene, fibre glass cords and nylon tooth facing.

3rd Generation:

(HSN) = Highly Saturated Nitrile. Aramid fibre or fibreglass cords and non stretch nylon facing at higher temperatures with greater horsepower.
A graph showing the heat resistence comparison is also interesting with Gen 1 showing at 105 degrees C which is increased to 130 for the Generation 3 belt.

I doubt that the theory on all belts coming from the one source would be right in this instance as we discovered a while back when sorting a job and a couple of belts were available in different brands and a difference in tooth profiles was obvious. This was what was claimed to be the problem with earlier Gates belts, but in this case one of the "exotic" never before heard of brands was involved. :shock:

Alan S
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Post by DavidRutherford »

Just out of interest, who fitted this belt? The pictures look suspiciously like an over-tight belt to me.

I've seen the effect on a Renault 1.9TD engine before. Muppet who fitted the belt made it so unbelievably tight it was several octaves higher than it should be when "plucked"

Lasted 500 miles before it snapped (I did warn him, but there you go) and it looked just like that.
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Post by Vanny »

Now that would work with what i mentioned on the 16v forum. The way the belt has failed looks totally wrong, all the 16v belts i've seen split at quite a long angle, the actual break is usually around 5" long, this has failed straight accross and pretty clean at that. If it was to tight it could well have taken out the tensioner as a last resort before failing?

still an absolute bitch, and i feel for you timmo (just dont take a year to fix it, its depressing!)

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Post by Geoffrey Gould »

Sorry timmo its not the best start to anyones day. I think we all have the "fear" of that happening. Why oh why must they use a b***y elastic band.
I know the answer its quiet, simple and cheap, and cheap is the way to go.
Best wishes.

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Post by Cornishbx16v »

thanks for the sympathy chaps! have been looking on the bright side and that i am lucky it went where it did as the road was plenty wide enough for me to be at the side and have 2 artic's able to pass with no issues! It could have gone on the dual carriage way and locked her solid!
anyways the belt! It was fitted by the Citroen specialist that fitted the replacement engine to the car in late dec 2001! the belt was (well it still is lol!) a unipart belt, and both tensioners are still free and okay! why it went where it did and how it did is anyones guess really!
the car will be fixed asap as it lives on the main road in the village and i have nowhere to store it off road at the mo! but its all down to finances! have been offered an engine but not been told what the seller wants for it yet! we shall see! loL!
i did have a nightmare yesterday trying to get my trolley jack under the ol girl though! forgot that the car sits too low to get to any good strong jacking points! sorted it int he end and its now sat on a strong onld peice of sleeper so i can get the bugger in there!!!! :D

After all I AM CORNISH!!!!


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Post by silverfox »

The 1769 XUD7T engine isn't failsafe.

Thanks for that - didn't think it was! :(
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