[sniff] BX has given up the ghost [/sniff]

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[sniff] BX has given up the ghost [/sniff]

Post by munfred »

On the way to work. Had the coolant lights come on, when I eventually got chance to pull over, had loads of steam coming out of the bonnet.
On closer inspection the pipe going from the Rad, to the Header/engine had a split in it. AA man said that the head gasket may have gone aswell. Didnt really beleive him, so popped down the scappy to get a replacement pipe, fitted it and tested it, but I think the Thermostat has packed in aswell, as the fan does not kick in at all, and the engine overheats.

Thinking of scrapping it, unless anyone wants to collect, and give me the £45 that the scrappy is offering me for scrap.

91k on the clock and its a G plate 14TGE.
Got over 10 months MOT, with new front discs and pads fitted only 1 month ago. Got 4 month old remoulds on the front, with a new CV boot and the rest of the car is as I brought it.
Had it serviced before MOT.
give me £100 and you can have the 9+months tax thats left on it aswell. If you dont want the tax, then Ill claim the remaining left ;)

Have been tempted to either repair the head myself, or to do an engine swap, but work is quite hectic at the moment, so it is currently looking as though Ill be getting rid of it. :(
I own a saxo, but don't hold that against me. I now have a BX aswell ;)

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Post by Way2go »

Why not take the thermostat out and close the housing again, flush the system with water adding some Wynn's Flush. Run the car for 100 miles with the flush in (should clear the silt which is the cause of the red lights) Then if all seems well, drain and fit new thermostat.
A good flushing may be all that it needs. Worked on my red light. :D
Incidentally the fans worked better afterwards too!
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Post by Brian »

Hi Munfred,

Yes don't give up that soon, it may be recoverable, try the simple tasks first.
I reside about 12 miles from Bedford town, if you would like me to have a look, then give me ring, PM or email to arrange.

PM sent.