Need to change my cambelt on my TZD

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I wouldn't suggest using the drill to lock the flywheel, either for loosening or tightening the crank pulley bolt. It's likely to be fairly brittle and may shatter - I've used a high tensile bolt (stamped 12.9 on the head) for locking it and been fine even when obscene amounts of force have been used!

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I lock the flywheel by having an accomplice hold a family size screwdriver in the ring gear teeth visible through the inspection hole. I never fancied having a snapped twist drill or similar stuck in the flywheel.
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Re: Need to change my cambelt on my TZD

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Blimey, you lot do like making hard work for yourselves!
In the trade where you have no time to waste (You're on bonus for saving time!) I have never used timing pins to lock an engine where the crank pulley remains in place on a good running engine.
Having removed all the engine mounts, covers etc (No way round that lot) I just paint marks on the pulleys & belt (2 marks on the cam & wheel to identify the position)
Remove the old belt, then CAREFULLY paint the new belt to match it, and refit. I pull the tensioner up a bit overtight to take up the slack, then back it off to the correct tension. rebuild. Never had a single problem, Done hundreds of the darn things!

Best one I ever had was a 17TZD that came in 'Not running right, down on power'. I took it for a fast run up the bypass and agreed it was sickly,
Anyway, long story short, It was winter, the waterpump had frozen, and when it was started it had ripped 30% of the teeth clean off the belt! It started, it ran, I'd personally had it up to 80mph! How the hell it had only jumped one tooth on the pump I'll never know!
(The timing pins had to come out for that one.)