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If you remove the rotted bits of tank strap, can Mr MOT Man fail what isn't there :wink:
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Mine recently passed in that very state Mr B, I made sure to remove all remnants of the rotted strap and bobs yer uncle, when time permits I may replace it but I rarely fill the tank completely as I dont like lugging all that weight around, remember the BX is all about weight, an empty boot, solo and with a quarter of a tank is its nippiest configuration.
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Fuel gauge readings...Here we go long rant...

You have to be carefull if you rely on the gauge for the remaining low level contents in the tank.

What I have found on removing senders in the fuel tank and inspecting:

The construction comprises of wipers attached to a float, that run up and down on a printed circuit board, that has a resistor etched on the board.

Due to contaminates over the years collecting in the bottom of the tank, and more use of the wipers at low level positions, the bottom section of the etched resistor erodes away, thus the lower levels will drop all of a sudden, but in fact a fair amount of fuel is still in the tank.

But normally the etched circuit for the warning light is still in tact, so it still works....Providing the low level warning lamp filiment is not o/c.

So the moral of the story is in my opinion, keep a can of fuel in the boot, then run the car till the low level warning light comes on, make a note of the speedo reading, then continue untill you run out of fuel, again make a note of the speedo reading..

You are then aware of the mileage capabilities on your tank...

I must add that the last test must be carried out off road, for obvious reasons ...