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Marty wrote:No, I managed to write off a Laguna on a car park steel hoop thing. Then i bought my first HP Citroen - never looked back.
Aha, rather than changing your driving habits you now drive over the hoops :lol:
Marty said: "Take some small comfort from the fact that the driver of the other car, having failed the breath test will even now be in a little cell, with luck they will double him up with some mean bastard who will be tattooing a fandango on his arse"

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Well, I won. £150 cheque and £50 grocery voucher. Just goes to prove that challenging these "get out" notices in car parks/ car washes are worth it as long as there is a clear, and provable case of negligence. Suggesting I had photographic evidence was a risk; but evidentially, it collapsed their case.
So thanks guys - and remember, always carry a cheapo, one-shot camera in your glove box. I will.
A Pyrric victory, though. Tmorrow's my fourth day of bodywork repair (weather, wind etc not to good for spraying). And in only two weeks time, I'll give the damage a final compounding and polish.
And hey, that cellulose has given me quite a buzz.
:P :P


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Good work that man.
£50 of ale to help you with the pain, now thats my kinda compensation :D